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1. A- finished her edits of Hell & Homework and sent them my way Friday. I just finished going through her commentary and the current draft, and I am pleased to say that it doesn't suck nearly as much as I thought it did. I think I'm ready to start a new draft!

2. My sleeping schedule is skewed beyond belief again. Woe.

3. My sister saw Hamilton in Chicago this past week. I am simultaneously ecstatic for her and seething with envy.

4. The mail delivered unto me my beautiful signed copy of Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire today, and I devoured it like a chocolate cream puff. The book is so good I can't even.

5. I reached out to a sensitivity reader/editor for some questions about Hell & Homework, and look forward to hearing back from them regarding some dilemmas I've had about the series.

6. I have about five Pops left to get before reaching the end of my wishlist again. It's surreal.

7. The soundtrack to The Greatest Showman has revitalized my energy and sparked something in my muse. I'm still drowning in depression, but I feel motivated to work again, which is amazing.

8. I may be spending part of March in Florida, which is the best possible thing.

9. My Labyrinth side-blog on Tumblr hit 1,000 followers, and I am shocked. I don't know what to do with that information, beyond finding something to use for a giveaway.

10. Apparently, Pip is convinced that it is Cuddle Time, because he keeps biting my leg. I shall write more later.
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Went to see the new Star Wars with my father today, and I have thoughts and feelings about the movie. Thoughts and feelings that I must share, for love and justice.

 can see why a lot of people didn't like the movie. It was different, in a lot of ways, and apparently the director is a racist? (I barely remember his name and I don't remember how to spell it so I have no idea who he is or what he's done.) That being said, I enjoyed it. There were things that I would have done differently, if I'd been in charge, and I'll get to those thoughts in a little bit. But overall? It was a fun movie, and it was certainly better than Revenge of the Sith. So, there's that.

here be spoilers )

I'm sure I could think of more things to say about the movie, but I
 thought it was a heck of a lot of fun and that it doesn't deserve the vitriol it's getting.

Especially when we could be giving that vitriol to Revenge of the Sith, which was easily the worst movie of the entire franchise why are we still having this conversation?

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Stolen from Tumblr because I'm bored and can't sleep.

1. Short stories, novels, or poetry?
Novels and novellas. I have a hard time crafting the concise punch of a short story, which doesn't make much sense considering my tendency to underwriting, but there you go. Nothing makes sense in my life anyway.
2. What genre do you prefer reading?
Urban fantasy, horror, YA fantasy, and Classic literature. It's a mixed bag up in here. (My favorite authors are Baroness Orczy, William Shakespeare, and Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant.)
3. What genre do you prefer writing?
YA Urban fantasy, definitely.
4. Are you a planner or pantser?
I find that planning a basic outline helps me to keep a vision of what I'm doing, and that it gives me a basic direction that will allow me to actually finish a project. However, everyone is different and my way may not be your way.
5. What's your writing music?
Instrumentals and epic trailer music, mostly.
6. Favorite books/movies?
Way too many to list. I'll make some Top Ten lists sometime.
7. List your current WiPs
Hell & Homework, original YA Urban fantasy novel. Ren Browning is having a very bad day. 
Underground, novel-length Labyrinth fanfic. "Even if you get to the center of the Labyrinth, you'll never get out again..."
Slippery When Wet, original horror novella. Ren's got nothing on Jess Dearing's day.
8. Do you like to incorporate people you know into your writing?
No. That way lies madness and hurt feelings. Sometimes, people inspire characters, but the closest I've come to basing a character off someone else was drawing inspiration from Racetrack Higgins of Newsies for a character in my first novel. 
9. Are you kill-happy with characters?
I don't think so. I'll slaughter them without remorse if the plot calls for it, but I don't usually create characters with the express intent of killing them off.
10. Writing beverage of choice?
Soda. Specifically Mountain Dew Code Red. Apparently there is a mediocre white boy gamer in my soul. Pray for me.
11. Where do you get your inspiration?
Everywhere. This question is so vague I can't answer it. H&H came from fiddling with an online doll maker and toying with the character designs. Underground is born from too many daydreams about what happened after the events of Labyrinth. Slippery When Wet is unique because the initial idea came from my sister, who sent me a text about a sign that read "slippery when wet" and the demand that I turn that title into a horror story. She is the only person who can make this demand of me, so I am doing my best to comply.
12. Favorite cliche? Least favorite cliche?
Favorite: the Masquerade, where humans aren't aware of the supernatural. I love this concept, but I also love the reverse. Either way, I'm happy.
Least favorite: romanticized abusive relationships in YA Paranormal Romance, and also love triangles. This is pretty self-explanatory. I hate them and they are unhealthy. End them. 
13. Favorite place to write?
My home office, or my bedroom. I can't write anywhere else.
14. Most productive time of day for writing?
9:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m. I am a night owl in every sense of the word.
15. Why do you write?
Because it's in my blood and carved into my veins. Because it keeps me sane and pulls me back together when everything else is falling apart. Because muses whisper stories in my ear and caress my face at night, murmuring sweet nothings of characters and plots and worlds beyond my imagination. Because I don't know how not to write.
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AKA Die, 2017, Die!

2017 has been a rotten year for me. I've struggled with depression as dark as it can get, winding up in the hospital back in April. I've exhausted myself screaming at my useless coward of a Senator and fought to find a shred of hope in this political hellscape. I lost my brother as a familiar presence around the house, and while I'm so happy for him and Cat Sister, I'm still lonely in the house all day. I turned 30 and had to face the facts that my life is nothing like what I imagined as a kid. I had the belated realization that, yes, my arthritis counts as chronic pain and it's getting worse.

If I'm completely honest, turning 30 is the midlife mark for my target lifespan. I don't want to live past 65. I have enough health problems that getting old has no appeal to me.

But that's neither here nor there, and I'm not in the mood to discuss that particular wish.

Looking back on the year, the only thing I can say that I really accomplished was my Goodreads goal of 12 books. I knew I would hit that goal, but at the end of 2016, I was too concerned with the prospect of getting through the day to try and challenge myself.

2018 owes me big time, is all I'm saying.

As I get ready to burn the effigies of 2017, I'm trying to hold on to good vibes and hopes for a better year to come.

There are a number of goals I could set myself for 2018, but the truth is that I'm tired. I'm tired and at the end of my rope in so many ways. I'm hoping and praying for a better year, but I don't know that I have any faith that my prayers will be answered the way I so desperately need.

Still. I'd like to be more productive at writing in 2018.

I'd like to get at least one more round of edits done on Hell & Homework, but that's contingent upon my friends getting me their feedback. I'd also like to get another draft of Underground finished, which would make it ready for beta eyes. And I'd like to take another whack at Slippery When Wet, to try and tame that monstrosity.

I recently had a breakthrough with Underground, so I'm looking to start writing new content for the fic come January. My research for H&H and its sequels is an eternal effort, but I've reached out to outside sources for some help with the homework portion of the novel. I may be at a total loss for Slippery... but that doesn't mean I'm going to let it beat me.

Sometimes, writing is overwhelming, and sometimes
I fear that I will never make it and ought to give up before I break my heart (again). But I'm getting back up, and I'm going to fling myself at this wall until I scale it.

 have to.
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I spent most of the past few weekends moving in to a new bedroom. Since I was in the smallest room of the house (think: smaller than the bathroom), I'm pretty pleased with the luxury of having space to call my own. Granted, I was in the Harry Potter closet of my own choice and I could have moved sooner, but sometimes you get stuck in a rut and just feel complacent where you're at.

There's an entire wall dedicated to framed Labyrinth fanart now. It's amazing. Well, Labyrinth fanart and the Abbey Bominable shelf, but that's neither here nor there.

I went with a pale lime green paint on the walls, and it's super happy and creative and I'm just adoring every minute of it. I plan to get bright orange sheets so I can still wave my Pumpkin Queen banner tall and proud, but I'm doing well.

My next project is turning the bathroom into a shrine for the deep sea. Imagine: anglerfish lamps. (Since the rest of my family won't let me turn the bathroom into The Overlook hotel, this was the second best option.)

I got to spend the evening with T because she is the absolute best friend anyone could ask for. We went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a few things, and then out to dinner. She's the greatest, and I am so grateful to have her in my life. 

Since my aunt is coming down at the end of the month, I feel confident that this Christmas won't completely destroy my mental state. It's not just three months of hype leading up to one day anymore. It's months of hype leading up to my aunt! Who is totally worth the hype.

Of course, I'm still in the process of tweaking medications, so I may be a weepy mess on the 25th anyway.

This Saturday, I'm going down to visit my Sister at the zoo, where I get to visit her best friend Shombay the lion. She picks up his poop sometimes. I'm excited to meet the animals, but more excited to see her, since she doesn't get up here very often anymore. 

Overall, things are okay.
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1. I have finally completed my MCU Avengers team in Funko Pop! form, with Bucky as the latest arrival. I have an army and a Hulk. (Now, when the MCU gets around to giving me a Wasp, I'll have to revisit my team, but for now, I have all the ones I want.)

2. It's T-one week to the release of INTO THE DROWNING DEEP, the sequel to Mira Grant's fabulous ROLLING IN THE DEEP, a novella about terrifying deep sea mermaids that has fueled a thousand nightmares. I am so excited about this book, you have no idea.

3. Which is why it vexes me that ABC is finally releasing GALAVANT on DVD. The same week as my book. Woe, for I must wait to deliver musical based comedy into my arms, because given the choice, I'm going to get the book first. But I will whine nonetheless.

4. I wiped 17 times on Mythic Fenryr this morning trying to tame the stupid wolf, then ragequit until a soft reset when I realized I'd been using the wrong legendary ring. Now I must wait another week to try again. I am such an idiot.

5. I am behind in my NaNo schedule, and I am having a ridiculous time trying to convince myself to sit down and work on this book. O spite, o hell.

6. This depressive spell is not getting any better and I
 am going to have to go through another medication tweak to try and fix it. Ugh.

7. My family and I
 are in the process of moving me out of my Harry Potter closet and into a real bedroom. This time around, I'm going with a pale green paint, and bright orange sheets because I am determined to be the Pumpkin Queen. The process is hectic, but it's going to be worth it for more space.

8. I have decided to obtain the Gomez/Morticia Addams Barbie set for Cat Sister. I
 don't care how much it costs me, or how long it takes to save up. I will gift it, and she will cry.

9. My aunt is coming to visit this December, primarily for my grandmother's birthday, but also to see me. I am so excited to see her!

10. Pippin is a goblin love.

NaNo Day 1

Nov. 2nd, 2017 01:37 am
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Project: Slippery When Wet
Genre: Horror
Target goal: ~40,000 words
Current status: 2,100 words

I spent much of today volunteering at the Book Fair for my mother, but I did manage to get off to a decent start when I got home this evening. We tend to have at least one long day with the fair, to bring in more money for the school library, and I'm all about helping that happen.

Writing went well, especially because I was shaky on how to start this project off. It's going to be fun, but since I've never written horror before, it's going to be a learning experience too. I'm going to have to learn to write during the daylight, because there's no way I'm sticking to my prime writing time of 9:00 p.m.--3:00 a.m. when I'm delving into subjects that kind of terrify me.

Since SWW is a novella, and projected to hit 35,000-40,000 words, I'm going to finish my NaNo word count with adding content into Underground, which remains a beast I will never fully tame.
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Hello and welcome again to "Brittiny Talks WoW Like She Knows What She's Doing". Today, instead of discussing raids and the totally bogus untamable demons and dragonkin, we're going to talk mounts. Specifically, the bonus mounts Blizzard has introduced with Legion. These involve sprawling journeys across Azeroth and Outland in search of clues that will--eventually--lead you to a free mount. The first of these was the Riddler's Mind-Worm, a serpentine flying eel that was, by all accounts, pretty cool. However, it was a pain to go back and forth looking for these notes.

Apparently, Blizzard heard the pleas for the madness to end. Only, instead of complying, they said, "Let's multiply that by pain", and promptly introduced the Lucid Nightmare. It's a void unicorn, near identical to the Broken Shore's rare spawn Somber Dawn, but with purple lines instead of red. The Lucid NIghtmare is gorgeous, and leaves hoofprints of void in its wake.

However, before you entertain the thought of obtaining this mount, ask yourself, "Is it worth spending 6+ hours on a landlocked horse?" Which is, to say, that the Lucid Nightmare cannot fly, and is therefore only useful for leveling and Argus.

If the answer to that question is "no", then I applaud your sensibilities and will direct you to the nearest bowl of popcorn to watch the rest of us weep and then die.

If the answer was "yes", I question your sanity.

But, onwards and upwards to a guide, nevertheless. I'm using this picture guide to explain the process, but going into a little more detail for those of you who--like me--don't have coordinates.

Read more... )
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Hello and welcome to "Brittiny Talks WoW Like She Knows What She's Doing", the show where I yammer about World of Warcraft as though I have any clue how to play the game.

Today I'm going to discuss the new cat skin as found on Argus: the panthera. It's a gorgeous skin. They're beautiful cats. And like any self-respecting hunter, I'm a Crazy Cat Lady who must have all the hunter pets. (Believe me, getting feathermanes last summer was a joyous occasion. I was in bliss for months. I'm still in bliss.)

But the panthera bring back an element of the Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria challenge tames. If you try to tame a panthera as you would any other beast, it "shimmers" and "fades" into the surroundings, and the beast will attack you.

There's only one way to tame the kitty, and you're not going to like it.

All around Argus--but especially Mac'Aree--there are talbuks. Get used to killing them, because they have a minuscule probability of dropping "Fresh Talbuk Meat", which is the first step in taming these gorgeous cats.
After killing approximately 500,000 talbuks, you may have two or so of these slabs of meat. I recommend grinding for backups, because this tame is an exact science, and if you're anything like me, you're going to mess up the first two...okay four...times.

Step 1. Switch specializations to Survival. You want Camouflage for this tame. 

Step 2. Approach the panthera. Throw a Freezing Trap in front of the cat, so it catches the beast when it comes for you.

Step 3. Feign death until you are out of combat.

Step 4. Hit Camouflage and throw the meat on top of the panthera. It helps to have sound on, because there's a crunching sound, accompanied by a splash of meat thrown about.

Step 5. Immediately--IMMEDIATELY--hit tame after you throw the meat. Keep hitting the tame if it doesn't work the first time.

Step 6. If it didn't work, you didn't hit Tame Beast fast enough, and you need to start all over again. This is where the process becomes a pain in the neck, because nobody wants to sit around grinding twelve Fresh Talbuk Meats just to get this to work right.

But we will. Because we must.

And so the legacy of the hunter lives on.

We'll see you next time on "Brittiny Talks WoW Like She Knows What She's Doing", where we will be discussing Antorus: The Burning Throne, and how it's totally bogus that you can't tame the new felhounds, demons and warlocks be damned. (Also bogus: the inability to tame dragonkin.
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The Tuesday Rec's thing didn't work out so well for me this past month, but I'm going to try to get back into the swing of them again. Or get into the swing of them to begin with, since two posts doesn't really count as the "swing of things".

In other news, I'm alive! And reasonably sane.

I went out NYCC Funko Pop! hunting with T- today, and it was a heck of a lot of fun. We were able to pick up everything we really wanted, with the exception of the glow-in-the-dark Balrog for her. Apparently, Barnes and Noble only got one? Which doesn't make sense? Because the big Pops ship in sets of two?

I smell shenanigans, is all I'm sayin

In the end, I decided against getting the New York Saw Gerrera, in part because I just don't have a place for him at the moment. And in part because I
 could only afford one of the Con Pops, and Star Wars just doesn't have the same importance to me that other fandoms do (*cough* Sailor Moon *cough*). I'll probably regret not picking him up in a few months, when I've moved into Sister's old room, but what can you do? I did get Sailor V, and I am ridiculously happy with her.

f I do regret getting Saw, I can pick up the WalMart version.)

I also picked up Valkyrie to go with Thor and Loki. She will forever be a part of the Avengers team of my heart.

T- got Grindelwald, Boggart!Snape Grandma, and the Rock Candy Luna with lion hat. She also found Lupin at Barnes and Noble, and Ginny and Bellatrix at Hot Topic.

While we were there, we found the cutest BFF
 keychains, with one side of the heart printed like R2D2 (her favorite) and BB-8 (my favorite).

Heart!BB-8 is chilling on my keys right now and I am pleased.
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I'll be perfectly honest: not much has changed since last Tuesday. I'm still in a depressive rut, and if I can just make it to tomorrow, my psychiatrist will start weaning me off the one medication to switch me over to something else that will--I hope--fix my broken brain.

That being said, I'm still going to try my hand at Tuesday Recommends and Updates.

I'm actually video editing again, which is nice. I've done some of the best masking of my entire vidding career this past week, and I'm pretty proud of how my current project is turning out. 

Part of me hesitates to try and get back into the crossover community of vidders, because of a person who is still there, but...I like making videos, and I'm finally getting decent at it, so I'm going to go forward and do what I want.

I've been settling into Rose Christo's work, to see her genius in serious writing rather than epic trollfic. Not that there's anything wrong with epic trollfic, because there's not.

Goblins! came in, at last. O frabjous day! The box is...substantially smaller than I thought it would be. But that's okay, because now I have a figurine of my favorite goblin of the entire movie, which makes me smile. I also splurged and bought four beautiful new sets of dice. Because I wanted to.

Misc Geekery
My budget allowed for a new pin purchase, so I bought the Door Guards: Alph and Ralph and Jim and Tim, from Atomic Pins. They, along with my merry band of fireys, have shipped.

Pippin is demanding attention, so I am going to cut this post short. I'm getting by, and with any luck I'll be able to sleep for most of today, and get to my doctor tomorrow without incident.
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1. I'm trying to pull myself out of a pretty bad depressive spell at the moment, but I'm hoping the tweaks my doctor made to my medication will help with that.

2. I've made a major decision regarding my writing career, and I'm mostly okay with it, I think. I'll be talking about it sometime after I get the current round of edits back on Hell & Homework.

3. Since I couldn't sleep tonight, I've decided to make crappy Photoshop covers for my NaNo projects. It gives me something to do until the rest of the family wakes up.

4. The infamous author of My Immortal, Rose Christo is releasing a memoir. I plan on pre-ordering it when my funds come in next week. Or maybe ordering her novel Swansong. I don't know what I'll do first.

5. I've tweaked and re-tweaked the outline to Slippery When Wet, and I think I'm finally ready to start writing. Once my sleep schedule is back to normal, because there's no way I'm going to write this story alone in the dark.

6. I desperately want to just screw the rules and dye my hair purple. However, my brother and Cat sister are getting married in two weeks. To the day. For the sake of pictures, I ought to wait. (They would not mind. My hyper-conservative grandmother? Would. A lot.)

7. Funko has a game that lets you design custom Pops. However, you cannot buy physical versions of your custom avatars. I find this an utter waste of time. Also, why? I desire a full Pop-ified superhero team. Deliver them unto me, Funko.

8. Hell & Homework is still with K. and I am beginning to get antsy for feedback. In the meantime, I am trying to convince myself to work on Underground. It's...not going as well as I'd like, in part due to my depression and in part due to my inability to figure out how to fix this stupid chapter.

9. Yesterday, I made a felt display banner for my Labyrinth pins, thus freeing up space on my purse. It is looking lovely above my vintage Labyrinth poster on the back of my door.

10. Facebook is becoming an increasingly toxic place for me to be, and so I have made the executive decision to make all my future statuses drive-by posts on Dreamwidth, because my mental health is more important than spending time in that hive of scum and villainy.
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My therapist says I need more routine and structure in my life, so I'm setting Tuesdays aside as my "Current Obsessions" day, where I will yammer about things no one cares about. This will, hopefully, get me posting more, and thinking about things I am enjoying rather than wallowing in my serotonin-deprived fog.

And, so, without further adieu:

I've pretty much had Carly Rae Jepsen's entire discography on repeat, because nothing brightens my day faster than the pretty pink synth pop princess of the 2010's. However, I also rediscovered Mary Lambert's "Know Your Name", which is hitting all of my jam buttons and oh my days I want someone to cuddle so hard. 10/10 for adorable sapphic squee.

 It's 1:30 in the morning, so I haven't technically bought it yet. HOWEVER, I'm going to list The Brightest Fell, by Seanan McGuire, as my Current Read anyway. It's Book 11 of the Hugo-nominated October Daye series, which is fantastic and full of feels. Seanan McGuire is my favorite author of all time, and I will buy and recommend anything she writes, but the Toby books are her biggest project, and it shows. The world-building of this series is phenomenal, and at eleven books, it's still going strong and exciting as Book 1.

I named my border collie after Toby, so that's got to count for something. 

I'm still me, so Labyrinth is always topping the list of Movies I'm Obsessed With. That being said, I've been thinking a lot about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I'm not sure whether I consider Guardians 2 or The Winter Soldier the "best" MCU film, but Guardians is definitely worth watching. It's an incredible portrait of what it means to be family, the differences between the family you find/choose vs. blood, and what it means to be a parent.

I didn't want to be into Fantastic Beasts, because I have a plethora of issues regarding Ilvermorny and Rowling's entire treatment of the U.S. and magic. However, Queenie and Jacob exist, and also there is a beast that looks like Quetzocoatl and is gorgeous. So is the Thunderbird. 

I'm going to pick and choose what parts of Fantastic Beasts are actually canon in my head. For instance, Ilvermorny is the Ivy League magic school, but there are about a hundred or so magic schools in the U.S. alone. There's one in California that is super liberal and everyone smokes a lot of weed, and there is absolutely one in Texas. And everyone who goes there is super proud of being in Texas.

And MACUSA likes to think it has power, but nobody actually cares about this ban on marrying muggles. (Called "mugs", probably. Let's be real, Americans aren't going to use something as obvious as "no-maj". We're can't even directly say we're going to the bathroom.)

I'm having a lot of feelings about The Crucible right now, but I'm also super into Something Rotten! on the musical theater front, because tickets go live next week. And if I don't snag tickets, I will weep and then die.

I created Sims of the Inner Senshi (Sailor Moon) and have been chronicling their misadventures. Minako's first independent action was to get into a fight with Rei, and then start pelting her with water balloons. Usagi's first action was to hug Makoto, and Ami's was to go lay on their single bed and read.

On the non-video game front, I'm waiting impatiently for the Goblins! expansion of the Labyrinth Board Game to arrive. It...hasn't actually shipped yet. Fie.

I'm putting this on the list even though I haven't listened to any podcasts this week. I need to get back into Welcome to Night Vale, and I need to start Alice Isn't Dead, but I haven't actually done anything about either. Because I've been in apathetic depression. 

Misc Geekery
I am getting progressively more into enamel pins, and I am also running out of space for them on my purse. Woe.

At the moment, I have backed the
Reptilia Solaris Kickstarter for gorgeous planetary reptiles. (I am definitely backing at the Keeper of the Sun level, because that monitor will be mine. However, I am deeply considering adding on the Mars Bearded Dragon and definitely adding on the Saturn Ball Python.) I've also ordered and am waiting for this Labyrinth pin to ship, and these Labyrinth Firey pins to ship.

On the doll front, I
 found Garden Ghouls Toralei Stripe, and she is gorgeous in person, but her hair is a far lesser quality than it should be for a $15 doll. Treesa Thornwillow is absolutely stunning, and her hair feels thick and pretty lustrous. Being me, I also have the Collector's Edition of Abbey Bominable pre-ordered, and although I could get her earlier by ordering through Mattel's website, I'm not going to pay their ridiculous shipping prices.

I'm pretty bummed overall about the decline in Mattel's quality for the Monster High and Ever After High lines. They were innovative and fun, and full of terrible, terrible puns that made me adore them both.

But we're not here for negativity, so to end on an upbeat note, reboot!Abbey has appeared in the Adventures of the Ghoul Squad webisodes, and her design is adorable. Has my main ghoul finally escaped mini-dress hell? I sure hope so!
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An old college friend recently hit me up on Facebook, and I'm struck with the sudden awkwardness of getting to know this person who is similar enough to be familiar, but different enough to be a doppelganger of the person in my memory. I haven't spoken to this person in roughly ten years, having just fallen apart the way life drifts us all in different directions, so it's been interesting to suddenly face someone who looks like an old friend, but doesn't necessary act the way that person would.

I'm sure it's awkward for them, too. I've changed so much in the past ten years, in almost every way but for my obsessions with literature and Labyrinth. It's surreal to talk with someone who expects me to act in a manner I would consider embarrassing and outdated, but to them is the norm--perhaps because I'm still into the Classics and David Bowie covered in glitter, or perhaps because I
 look enough like I used to that they expect me to still be that person.

I am...not proud of the girl I was ten years ago. I find her cringe-worthy at best and actively bigoted at worst. I'm sure in ten years, I'll think the current me is cringe-worthy, but I strive to be someone better than I used to be.

I could write a grad thesis on how much I've changed in the past ten years, from my political alignments to my core identity, from my sense of humor to the state of my mental health. I won't do it, because I
 don't like thinking about who and what I was so long ago, but the fact remains--Brittiny at age 20 is not the same as Brittiny at age 30. At all.

It strikes me as almost hilarious that this would happen on the scale of a decade, because ten years is a long time for someone to grow. I've learned so much about myself in the past even five years that I have to laugh at my own ignorance at 25, much less 20.

It's almost adorable. I
 mean, I was barely discovering my asexuality at 25.

Time changes people, and as nice as it is to sit down and talk to someone from so long ago, I can't help but wonder how those changes will influence our relationship now, as we dance around each other trying to feel out who we've become.

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After banging my head against the wall over the Slippery When Wet outline, I realized that my entire Plot B wasn't cutting things, and so I nixed it. I have another, stronger secondary plotline to play with, but I'm still not sure if I'm going to reach my word count goal of 45,000 words.

My biggest writing weakness is my tendency to underwrite, at least in my opinion. (To be honest, my opinion is that the entire writing process is my weakness, but that's because I'm having a crisis of faith in my own ability. It doesn't matter how many of my friends tell me I'm a "great writer", I just don't feel it. And I know part of that is the underwriting and my failure to meet my NaNo goal.)

According to my mother, I need to stop setting my goals "so high", but I don't intend for my goals to be "so high". I just have no conception of how long and detailed an outline should be for me to translate it into manuscript that meets my ideal range.

In the case of SWW, 45,000 words isn't that much. I can do that in my sleep. The problem is that my MC spends a good half of the text traveling, and I need to add something to keep interest while she drives across the country to her impending doom.

Normally, I'd take that entire storyline and axe it, because travel logs are boring to me. However, in order to get Jess to the gas station, she has to travel at least to the outskirts of another town. Which means the travel has to stay for the whole concept to work.

I really should just sit down and write the thing, and see if I can't squeeze at least 35,000-40,000 words out of my outline. It's silly and stupid to worry about word count before I've even started writing, but that's anxiety for you.

In the meantime, while I try and convince myself to write, I'm going to reread Voyage of the Dawn Treader to get a general idea of how to keep pacing and action while on the road. It's not a "great" example of the genre, but it's one I'm familiar with, and I can go back and read it quickly, which will convince me to follow through with the research.

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